multimmune GmbH

.......... delivering innovative, clinical-stage broad-spectrum cancer theranostics


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multimmune GmbH is a private, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company which has developed a unique and proprietary technology platform for the development and clinical delivery of new cancer therapies on the basis of the founding scientists' (Professor Gabriele Multhoff, Dr Claus Botzler) discovery that cell surface-bound Hsp70 is uniquely expressed on a large proportion of cancers (~ 50-75%), but not on non-cancerous cells


This makes this form of Hsp70 an excellent molecule on which to base the development of broadly applicable, innovative cancer diagnostics and therapeutics ('theranostics' ).

multimmune is developing  therapeutic interventions, drug targetting  strategies, diagnostic tools and imaging platforms did exploit its seminal discovery ..... continue reading

The fact that the membrane form of Hsp70 is expressed on a large proportion of cancers means that a single theranostic approach will be applicable across a wide range of cancer types.

Theranostics : combining diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities into a single agent - a key element of Precision Medicine