multimmune GmbH

..........delivering innovative clinical stage broad-spectrum cancer theranostics


Cancer immunotherapy drugs are by far the fastest-growing segment of the oncology drugs industry.

multimmune GmbH's fight against cancer theranostics programs has been supported by investment from a number of sources:

  • Technology Investment Fund Bayern III GmbH & Co. KG
  • S-Refit AG
  • Raabe Verögensverwaltungs GmbH
  • Ventac Partners GmbH
  • Private Investors

If you would like to participate in our exciting programmes and share our success, then please review our Investment Opportunities below.


multimmune GmbH is offering a number of innovative funding opportunities for investors to support, and engage with, the timely development and targetted translational delivery and exploitation of its pipeline THERAPEUTICS, DIAGNOSTICS and IMAGING platforms.